We are pleased to present our newest release, "Women and Other Visions". It only took 6 years to record. In that time, we've had numerous hairstyles, misplaced many pairs of expensive sunglasses, and failed to find anything humorous about New England black ice. All’s well that ends well, though, and we've managed to stay friends. We hope you will listen to the samples of the three songs at right to give you an idea of what’s on the record. But, about the recording process . . .

Our brilliant engineer and co-conspirator, Bruce Seifried, built a studio for us to make this record, replete with a Studer 24-track, tube amps and genetically altered and gender confused Barbie dolls. In spite of our attempts to de-rail recording sessions with sticky eyeball contests, farting toys, brain hats and our pet dogs, Bruce managed to capture our true artistic expressions on tape. If we brought the dog, he recorded it; when we had trouble hitting the high notes, he brought the step ladders in; when we wanted to re-mix the same song for the 49th time, he said, "Uh, o.k.".

Our most memorable moments from the times we spent together include: an evening strolling through a cemetery in Englewood NJ, peering into crypts; playing rough mixes for our friends; breaking to attend Marty’s graduation from Police Academy; having to stop vocal recording sessions because the heating pipes would clang their own tunes; being visited by purple-haired trolls who insisted on having their way with Barbie; drinking so much coffee we had to be careful not to sing the songs too fast; recording in Leah’s music room with Tom McClung while Marty sang "Blues for a Snowman" live; and the first time we heard the string parts Matthew McCauley had written for "Is Love a Thing You Learn."

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors. You’ll see this isn’t a fancy record, rather, it is one from the heart. We wanted to present our songs and our voices as if they were the solitaire in the diamond ring with little to distract the listener. We owe an enormous debt to each and every contributing musician who helped us realize our dream and to our families and friends who believed in our music. Aloha!

Click on the "Listen" buttons below to hear MP3 cuts of three selections from The Coyote Sisters latest CD release, "Women and Other Visions."
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